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Preparation is Separation Baseball Mastery

Marlins Video Analysis

Preparation is Separation

Preparation is Separation

Preparation is Separation – regular articles, lessons and workshops to help improve player mastery and understanding of the game of baseball. The Marlins use a host of tools to develop baseball mastery and help prepare our young men for the next levels of baseball. The tools include video analysis, measurements and assistance in player promotion for college recruiting.

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Additional Resources

Below are some additional resources to help build your baseball skills. 

Sponsored by Baseball Playbook

Baseball Playbook

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Virtually everything you need to know about baseball, for both the player and the coach: signs, structured practice sessions, drills, bunt defense, double steal defense, pick-offs, force plays, fly balls, infield and outfield play, etc. 

Sponsored by The Art of Hitting: Tony Gwynn

The Art of Hitting: Tony Gwynn

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This book is a must for any coach of youth baseball. Hell, it's probably a must for a number of major leaguers as well! Gwynn offers some mind-boggling advice, such as not thinking of hitting the ball, but hitting *through* it. Along with this easy to understand science, you get some of the most terrific baseball photos published anywhere -- clear images which capture both the power and beauty of hitters doing their thing.