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Player Interviews and Profiles

Player Interviews

Your coach may ask you to complete an interview so that we can learn more about you and better understand your thoughts about baseball and the possibility of going to college and playing college ball. Once invited, print the form and read through the questions. When you're ready to record your answers, click the link and type away! Your thoughts could be very helpful to other Marlins considering going to college and playing college ball. 

Player Profile and Recruiting Info

Please provide us some information about yourself and your baseball interests. This will help us help you in the recruiting process. 

The items we’d like to collect to help you in the recruiting process are listed in the Player Profile document. Once you have them, click on the the Player Profile registration link to share them with your coach. 

If you've already filled out a player profile for your coach, please just fill in the information that needs changed or updated. If this is your first time completing a player profile, fill in everything that you can and we'll help you get the rest.