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Whatever it takes; No matter how hard; No matter how long; a Marlin never quits.


Marlins Mission

 The Marlins fight to give kids the opportunity to experience the game of baseball and softball & learn valuable lessons that can be applied throughout life with combination of intense training and work ethic, creating baseball players with a continued growth plan to play at the next level. We look for dedicated baseball & Softball players with a high level of work ethic and extreme passion to play at the next level. However, while the Marlins can provide opportunity, the player must be willing to take advantage of the opportunity and make the most out of the experience. Thus, the question must be asked of every ball player by their team, and must be asked of every ball player by one's self: "Are you willing? Are you willing...

  • To Work harder for your team than ever before?
  • To prepare yourself for your team when on the field and off the field?
  • To concentrate on every aspect of the game to make yourself a complete player?
  • To out work everyone?
  • To rise above "the I can’t” mentality?
  • To execute the small details of the game more diligently than ever before?
  • To lift up and serve your team more energy and commitment than ever before?
  • To play with PRIDE?




2012 15u Marlins 41-13