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Tyler Brehm commits to Ohio Wesleyan University

05/06/2016, 8:15am EDT
By Coach Weaver

Read about Tyler's decision to play college baseball

Congratulations to Tyler Brehm for selecting Ohio Wesleyan University to continue his academic pursuits and play college baseball!

Going to college and playing college baseball is a big step for anyone, and the Marlins are very proud of Tyler. Below is an interview with Tyler on his decision to commit to play college ball.

Like the other interviews prior to Tyler's, it’s a great read!

Here’s the link to Ohio Wesleyan University check it out:



First Name Tyler
Last Name Brehm
Team 18U
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Which college have you committed to? Ohio Wesleyan University.
How does it feel to know that you’ll be playing college baseball and why? It's always been a dream of mine to play baseball at the next level, so it is a huge relief and also very exciting to know that I've achieved that childhood goal.
What is your favorite thing about the college you chose and why? I really liked the feel of the campus, and how easily I got to know the coaches and players while I was visiting. Also teaming up with Tim again will be a blast.
How do you see yourself contributing to your new college baseball team? I plan on coming in and giving the team a reliable option on the mound and adding a guy that will do whatever it takes to win.
What do you know about your new coach? And, how will you go about getting to know him and his staff and what they expect of a new team member? Coach Mott is an awesome guy and an even better coach. He genuinely cares about his players and will help them in anyway possible. I plan on showing the staff that I am a hard worker, and will never get complacent. I'll always strive to be better as a man and a baseball player.
What do think will be the most challenging about college baseball? I believe the most challenging part will be understanding that you have to be focused for every single pitch, and that I won't be able to get away with mistakes anymore.
How does it feel to be facing your final year of school ball? Coming in as a senior this year, I knew it would be a challenge. We lost most of our team from the year before when we made it regionals, so I knew nothing would come easy. We've been struggling lately, but that doesn't change my mindset of getting better everyday and working on my pitching as much as possible. We're headed into tourney play now, so anything can happen.
Will you approach your final year of school ball and summer ball differently now that you are a committed college baseball player? I'll make sure I'm enjoying the ride more than anything. I'll try to have as much fun as possible with my teammates before we go our separate ways, but with that being said, winning is still the most important priority.
What is the biggest thing you’ll carry forward from the Marlins to your college career? Work ethic. I'm going to go into OWU with a strong work ethic that was instilled in me by the Marlins. I'll always represent this organization with the upmost respect, because without them I wouldn't be moving on to the next level.
What advice would you give other Marlins going through the recruiting process and considering a college baseball career? Always work hard and carry yourself with class. If you put in the work, someone will find you. And always be the best teammate you can be.
Do you know your major yet? I'm thinking in the direction of either business or sports medicine, but have not made a final decision yet.
What do you think will be the first thing you do when you get to campus? Meet up with some of the guys, and get to work.
Prediction – how much weight do you think you’ll gain your freshman year in college? If I could gain 10-15 pounds of muscle my freshman year I would be extremely happy and think that'll help me a ton on the mound.

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