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Tyron Mitchell commits to Ohio Valley University

04/13/2016, 12:15pm EDT
By Coach Weaver

Read about Ty's decision to play college baseball.


Congratulations to Ty Mitchell (2016) for selecting Ohio Valley University to continue his academic pursuits and play college baseball!

Going to college and playing college baseball is a big step for anyone, and the Marlins are very proud of Ty. Below is an interview with Ty on his decision to commit to play college ball.

Like the other interviews prior to Ty's, it’s a great read!

Here’s the link to Ohio Valley University, check it out:



Ty Mitchell



First Name Ty
Last Name Mitchell
Team 18U
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Which college have you committed to? "Ohio Valley University"
How does it feel to know that you’ll be playing college baseball and why? "It feels great. It is exciting knowing that I will be playing college baseball because it shows that all of my hard work that I put in paid off and the coaches have faith in my abilities.Now I know I will be following through on my dream of playing college baseball! I am blessed with the opportunity and hope to make the most of it."
What is your favorite thing about the college you chose and why? "OVU is a good school with a solid program where I can rehab my arm and also get quality at bats, which was a major part of my decision. It is a small school with a somewhat low student population which I like. My favorite part about OVU is the atmosphere on and around campus. The city of Parkersburg is very nice and there is always something to do. Anything you can think of is in close proximity to OVU. It is also only two hours away from my house so my family can conveniently come and watch me play. Also it is close enough that I can conveniently be home on holidays."
How do you see yourself contributing to your new college baseball team? "I see myself contributing to the team freshman year by coming in and working hard and playing first base as well as pitching and helping the team win another conference championship!"
What do you know about your new coach? And, how will you go about getting to know him and his staff and what they expect of a new team member? "I've already talked to the entire coaching staff and established a personal connection with them. They are all great guys and they expect me to bring leadership to the freshman class and the rest of the team as well as doing what Coach Weaver always says, "Eat burgers and hit bombs!"."
What do think will be the most challenging about college baseball? "The most challenging part about college baseball for me will be getting used to practice at 6 in the morning and another practice after classes. Im also a very social guys so managing my time will be another challenge. Since I have been playing for the Marlins and I play school baseball in the Ohio Capital Conference I feel like I'll be used to playing against top of the line competition so that aspect will most likely be a smooth transition into college baseball."
How does it feel to be facing your final year of school ball? "It feels bittersweet. Its almost like you've waited so long for your time to shine during senior year but at the same time you are ready to move on to the next chapter of your athletic career. Right now I'm just focused on getting my arm healthy so I can contribute right away in my freshman year of college."
Will you approach your final year of school ball and summer ball differently now that you are a committed college baseball player? "Yes, but in a good way. I will still approach every game playing my hardest and trying to win but at the same time I am a little bit more relaxed now and I can have a some fun instead of baseball being a job. I look forward to being able to enjoy my senior campaign, it will be fun competing against all of my friends and the people I've met over the years during my baseball career."
What is the biggest thing you’ll carry forward from the Marlins to your college career? "The biggest thing I will carry over to my college career from the Marlins the level of intensity that the Marlins play with as well as the work ethic that Coach Weaver has instilled in us. Also the lesson that nobody deserves playing, time they have to earn it!"
What advice would you give other Marlins going through the recruiting process and considering a college baseball career? "You have to make an effort to get in touch with the colleges and their coaches. It isn't completely your parents and coaches job to get you recruited. Also you should pick somewhere that you wouldn't mind not playing baseball at because you never know when an injury could occur. You need to like the college as much while you're going to school as you do while you are playing baseball so if you can't play baseball you don't hate school."
Do you know your major yet? "Yes, I will major in wellness (mixture of exercise science and athletic training) and I will minor in business. OVU has advanced science labs that make it easy to learn at and easy to succeed in your field of scientific study."
What do you think will be the first thing you do when you get to campus? "The first thing I'm going to do is link up with my roommate and long time friend from Pickerington Central, Vaughn Wiggins and hit up the cafeteria for the all you can eat buffet !!!"
Prediction – how much weight do you think you’ll gain your freshman year in college? "I don't think I will gain any. I will most likely drop about 15 during the teams great strength and conditioning program and get faster, stronger and more lean and hopefully be jacked by baseball season!"

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