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Koebe Rush Commits to Fairmont State University

02/05/2016, 10:45am EST
By Coach Weaver

Read about Koebe's decision to play college baseball

Congratulations to Koebe Rush (2016) for selecting Fairmont State University to continue his academic pursuits and play college baseball!

Going to college and playing college baseball is a big step for anyone, and the Marlins are very proud of Koebe. Below is an interview with Koebe on his decision to commit to play college ball.

Like the other interviews prior to Koebe's, it’s a great read!

Here’s the link to Fairmont State University, check it out:




First Name

Last Name Rush
Team Pickerington North/Midwest Marlins 17U
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Which college have you committed to? Fairmont State University
How does it feel to know that you’ll be playing college baseball and why? It's an amazing feeling. I have dreamed of playing college baseball since I was a little kid playing in the backyard.
What is your favorite thing about the college you chose and why? The Coach, he has done everything in his power to turn the program around and take them to the top.
How do you see yourself contributing to your new college baseball team? I believe I will be able to help make the pitching staff deeper and also help with my bat in the lineup.
What do you know about your new coach? And, how will you go about getting to know him and his staff and what they expect of a new team member? I know my new coaching staff very well. I've had several meetings with all of them and have had the chance to play in front of them a few times.
What do think will be the most challenging about college baseball? I believe the hardest part will be adjusting to the new speed of the game.
How does it feel to be facing your final year of school ball? I'm beyond excited to get out on the field and finish my last season as one to remember.
Will you approach your final year of school ball and summer ball differently now that you are a committed college baseball player? No, I will go out and just have fun like every other season.
What is the biggest thing you’ll carry forward from the Marlins to your college career? The hard work and determination the Marlins program has installed in our players.
What advice would you give other Marlins going through the recruiting process and considering a college baseball career? The work you put in is what you will get out. Baseball is not a game where you can hide not working hard.
Do you know your major yet? I am planning to be a Special Education teacher.
What do you think will be the first thing you do when you get to campus? I would like to get together with the team and get to know everyone better.
Prediction – how much weight do you think you’ll gain your freshman year in college? My goal once I go off to college is to lose 10-20 pounds.

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