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Ryan Fitzgerald Alumni Questionaire

02/02/2016, 8:30pm EST
By Coach Weaver

Read about Ryan's Freshman Experience!


Ryan Fitzgerald – Oakland University


What was your biggest learning experience once you got to college? What was different and what did you have to focus on to succeed in college.

 My biggest learning experience was definitely the speed of the game. You can’t just throw your cleats on and step onto the field like we all did in high school, you have to be mentally ready. In order to get better, I had to become more of a student of the game.


How long is your average school day? How long do you spend in the weight room? How much time do you spend at practice? How do you balance it all?

My average school day is usually 7am- 7pm. As a student athlete, you are always going to be busy. You have to become a master of time management. We usually lift 3 times a week in the mornings as a team. Practice is usually a few hours but is the best part of the day!

How has the Marlin program prepared you for the next level?

The Marlin program prepared me extremely well. The competition we played in the summer really helped me prepare for the season ahead of me. Coach Weaver is a great coach and guy. He prepared me very well!

Where are you playing summer ball this year? What summer league are you in so Marlin fans can follow?

Not sure where I am playing summer ball this year yet. I know I will be playing, but I have had some schedule issues with my degree and may have to take classes in the summer which could restrict me to a certain area.

What position are you playing in college? And what will your role be to your team?

I am playing Outfield for my school and my role will be whatever the coaching staff wants me to do. It is important to go into college with an open mind, and be ready to help the team in whatever way they need you.


When does your season start? Are you taking any trips to start the spring season? If so where?

Our season opens up on Feb. 19th at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California



What are some of your favorite memories of Midwest marlins baseball?

I have had too many great memories as a Marlin. Anytime I was with ZMO and Bolt, it was one heck of a time. I made some lifetime friends as a Marlin. The ride to NY with Papa Fish and Coach Weaver was pretty interesting too haha.

Would you refer someone to the marlins program and why?

 Yes, absolutely. You get the chance to not only play with quality kids, but quality people. I became a better ball player and a better person playing for the Marlin’s last summer. It is a great way to surround yourself with general success.

What do you miss most about high school sports?

The thing I miss most about high school sports is my teammates. Mostly just being with your best friends that you learned how to play ball with. I have great teammates in college too so it has made the transition really easy.

What motivates you to be successful?

I am motivated to be successful by a lot of things really. My future, my goals, and my team motivates me every day. But I will say that the one thing that truly lights a fire inside me is remembering all the people who said I couldn’t. Nothing makes a person happier when they prove the people who didn’t believe in them wrong. And if I could give any advice to any young athlete, it would be to dream. Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t good enough. Believing in yourself is all you need to do.



Ryan Fitzgerald

      Oakland University

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