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Rick Phillips Alumni Questionaire

02/02/2016, 8:30pm EST
By Coach Weaver

Read about Rick's Freshman Experience


Rick Phillips – Notre Dame College


What was your biggest learning experience once you got to college? What was different and what did you have to focus on to succeed in college.

My biggest learning experience once I got to college was that I was on my own and I could no longer be co-dependent, I also realized that I would have to stay focused and determined on what goals I needed to accomplish on and off the field.


How long is your average school day? How long do you spend in the weight room? How much time do you spend at practice? How do you balance it all?

I usually go through a 12 to 13 hours a day worth of school and baseball practice combined during the week. I spend about 1.5 hours in the weight room a day, I tend to also do home-style workouts in my dorm-room also. I balance it all by staying focused and determined to make sure I'm going to school and getting my workout in so I can be eligible to play baseball and have a successful baseball season.

How has the Marlin program prepared you for the next level?

The Marlin program prepared me for the next level by giving me the confidence and hardworking mindset to have success. Also being in the Marlin program and playing against the best competition helped me big time to get ready for college.

Where are you playing summer ball this year? What summer league are you in so Marlin fans can follow?

This year I'm returning to play for the Midwest Marlins.

What position are you playing in college? And what will your role be to your team?

I play Center and left-field in college. Hope to compete for everyday position in the outfield.




When does your season start? Are you taking any trips to start the spring season? If so where?

Our season starts February 20 in Indiana, and we go to Winter haven, Florida the first week of March.

What are some of your favorite memories of Midwest marlins baseball?

One of my favorite memories as a Marlin was when we beat the Cincinnati Flames at Xavier University.

Would you refer someone to the marlins program and why?

I would refer a willing individual to the Marlins program because it's a great environment to learn, compete, and get better.


What do you miss most about high school sports?

       What I miss most of high school sports was playing with many of my child hood friends.


What motivates you to be successful?

What motivates me to be successful is the hardships I went through in my past and my family.


Thanks again,


Rick Phillips

Notre Dame College

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