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Josh Meszaros Alumni Questionaire

02/02/2016, 8:15pm EST
By Coach Weaver

Read about Josh's Freshman Experience!


Josh Meszaros – Hanover College


What was your biggest learning experience once you got to college? What was different and what did you have to focus on to succeed in college.

Biggest learning experience once I got to college was in my intro to sociology class a blow off class (or at least I thought). The professor had our class write a three page paper over some family history and how it connected with the world. I missed 8 total points on the sociology and grammatical side and the rest because I didn’t follow the syllabus. I missed 23 points because I forgot the two easiest things in the paper. An introduction to the topic of class and the background info covered in the book. I started off the semester with a 69% on the easiest paper of the class. I quickly learned the importance of a professor’s syllabus.


How long is your average school day? How long do you spend in the weight room? How much time do you spend at practice? How do you balance it all?

Another big thing I've learned from going to college is the importance of time management. Personally I have five different classes this semester and have roughly 16 hours of class a week. For every hour of class I have at least an hour and a half of homework/studying. That's about 40 hours a week devoted directly to my academics. Add baseball practice, lifting, extra hitting, and a social life and you can get overwhelmed easily. My secret key to success is simple, find a pair of headphones and get to work. Headphones and some motivating music goes a long way. They help me eliminate everyday distractions while I'm working on homework, studying and even reading. You really have to just focus on getting work done efficiently to get through college.

How has the Marlin program prepared you for the next level?

For me the Marlin program taught me how to play defense. I joined the Marlin program the summer of 2015 and saw how much defense meant to Coach Weaver. I was committed to a division three school one of the lowest levels on our Marlins team. I came into the season wondering if I would even start a game for this team. I knew I was going to have to compete for a position and that if I was ever going to start for Coach Weaver I was going to have to learn how to play some solid defense. Coach Weaver’s intensity is what kept me awake in the field and improved my defense dramatically and I’m now ranked as the top defensive third basemen at my college.

Where are you playing summer ball this year? What summer league are you in so Marlin fans can follow?

Still not sure yet. Will keep you updated.


What position are you playing in college? And what will your role be to your team?

As of now I am side by side with a junior competing for third base. My role this year is to compete to make my team better. I am currently competing at various positions to make sure the team doesn’t slack off.


When does your season start? Are you taking any trips to start the spring season? If so where?

Practice starts the beginning of February. Season starts February 28 when we leave for Florida.

What are some of your favorite memories of Midwest marlins baseball?

My Favorite memory from Marlins baseball was when I started off the summer hot at the plate and in the field during the Gene Bennet tournament. The team gave me the nickname Petey/Rosie (after Pete Rose) and accepted me to the team after just a few games.

Would you refer someone to the marlins program and why?

I would tell everyone that the Marlin program not only builds baseball players, but also finds them a place to play ball in college. That was one tool I wish I would have got earlier on in my baseball career.


What do you miss most about high school sports?

I miss the seniority I had. Now I’m the one dragging the tarp, cage and bases on and off the field again.

What motivates you to be successful?

My love for that feeling when you connect perfectly with the baseball is what motivates me to be a better ballplayer.


Josh Meszaros

Hanover College

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