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Evan McDonald Alumni Questionaire

02/01/2016, 11:00am EST
By Coach Weaver

Read about Evan's Freshman Experience!


Evan McDonald- Fairleigh Dickinson University


What was your biggest learning experience once you went to college?

Adjusting to independence. You have no one to monitor what you do, so you have to be more prepared and more conscious of your time.


What was different and what did you have to focus on to succeed in college? 

I ended the semester with a 3.9 so that meant I had to focus on academics first which meant being responsible. I had to balance studying with working out, going to class, practicing and hanging out with the team.


How long is your average school day?

It depends on the day. College schedules aren’t like high school schedules; it is different every day. I took college classes through post-secondary enrollment in high school, so I was already used to the type of schedule. Some days I have classes in the mornings then others it’s just afternoons or evenings.

How long do you spend in the weight room?

Several hours a day.

How much time do you spend at practice?

You have a required amount of practice hours each week, 20-25 hours each week. But, I also hit a lot on my own and catch bullpens.

How do you balance it all?

I have a schedule and follow it. It takes planning but once you develop a routine, it just becomes second nature.

How has the Marlin program prepared you for the next level?

I would say Ryan (the coach) prepared me to be tougher, learn to adapt to different coaching styles, and learn to take criticism. But, the most important thing I learned was how to get better in the off-season.

Where are you playing summer ball this year?

Xenia Scouts.

What summer league are you in?

Great Lakes League

What position are you playing in college and what will be your role on the team?

Catcher, First Base, and DH. My primary position is Catcher but there is a senior catcher, who is also the captain, has seniority over me. I’ll catch second games when we play double headers on the weekend to give him a game to rest. It’s the same situation with the First Base position. As a DH, my job is to get timely hits and move runners.

When does your season start?

February 19.

Are you taking any trips to start the spring season, if so where?

Yes, our season starts in South Carolina on the 19th of February. Then, we travel to Virginia. The rest of our games are within New Jersey and the surrounding states (NY, PA, CT, MD).

What are some of your favorite MWM baseball memories?

Hitting a Home Run at Dayton and having my teammate CJ pick a kid off from the outfield to home. Also, anytime I got to catch my brother, Seth. Having Seth in the dugout was always hysterical. I miss not having him in the dugout at FDU.

Would you refer someone to the Marlins program and why?

Yes. The Marlins see baseball as a season round sport. It’s vitally important to train in the offseason and the Marlins understand that. They take lots of time to work with all the players from the little kids to the seniors. Ryan also works very hard to get his players recruited. To get recruited to a D1 program, you have to play the best teams in the best tournaments. You get that with the Marlins.

What do you miss most about high school sports?

Playing with Seth. He made my senior baseball season the best.

What motivates you to be successful?

I want to make my family proud. It means a lot to me to have my family watch me and see me play. When I am successful on the field or in the classroom, it makes me feel like I’m thanking them for all they have always done for me.

It also motivates me to have all the little Marlins cheer me on and think I’m getting drafted. It’s really cool that they think so much of me and I don’t want to let them down either.


Evan McDonald

Fairleigh Dickinson University


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